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Season 2 Trailer

March 14, 2023 Peter G. Reynolds Season 2 Episode 0
Pros & Conversations
Season 2 Trailer
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Host Peter G. Reynolds and Damon Adachi celebrate the success of Season 1 of Pros & Conversation and give a sneak peek into what's in store for Season 2, including in-depth discussions with experts on AI, small business investing, mentoring, digital marketing, succession planning and much, much more. 

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Peter Reynolds  00:04

Hi, I'm Peter Reynolds.

Damon Adachi  00:06

And I'm Damon Adachi. 

Peter Reynolds  00:07

And this is Pros and Conversations, the podcast that explores what it takes to be successful, whether you're from the world of business, science or the arts. Damon, I can't believe we're going to be starting season two,

Damon Adachi  00:20

I can't believe we haven't been canceled yet. 

Peter Reynolds  00:24

It's been an amazing year. I have to say, I can't even find the words, to describe how awesome the support has been from our audience. In just this little podcast that could.

Damon Adachi  00:36

Yeah, it's been a wild ride. So far, we've had some great guests some challenging topics for us to dive into. And I think we've given some people some food for thought and some interesting angles, and I'm really looking forward to diving into another season. 

Peter Reynolds  00:51

Yeah, we've got a lot of great things on the go. We're gonna be talking about succession planning, we're going to be talking about opportunities for investment with small business that people might not have thought of. Digital marketing, AI, anything else we've got on the go there?

Damon Adachi  01:08

Yeah I think we'll, we'll look into some training and mentoring, look at how to find employees for smaller businesses and how to interview them, and maybe even monetizing blogs and things like that. So you know, things that can help you grow your business, things that you might be struggling with currently, but ultimately, just entertaining and insightful and inspiring is what we're shooting for. 

Peter Reynolds  01:29

Absolutely. And you guys can find us on Facebook, you can find us on Instagram, on Tik Tok. And of course the podcast is available wherever you get your podcasts or as video on YouTube. So, from your host, Peter Reynolds, and Damon Adachi, thanks again for watching and we look forward to seeing you for season two.